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Invited talk on Smart instrumentation and sensing system for remote water quality surveillance
Prof. Joyanta Kumar Roy
MCKV Institute of Engineering, India


Potable water, SCADA, ICT, Water Management System, Water contamination


Water is synonyms of life. Over 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water worldwide. Water management system deserves single point Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance (WQM&S) from source to the entire distribution network. It is a grand challenge to monitor large number of remote access points which may under water contamination threat and are very difficult to protect. The deployment of Smart online water quality sensors, programmable logic controller based wireless remote terminal unit (RTU) at various points along with Supervisory Control and data acquisition (SCADA) system provides single point continuous surveillance to potable water from source to the distribution end. It monitors plant and process parameters, logs all data in real time, analysis the data with historical trends. It integrates online data from sensor along with laboratory data and publishes the same for water generation and supply management. ICT infrastructure provides real time pictures of treatment plant and on line water quality parameters through internet and which is accessible globally through secure channel. A typical application in water treatment plant is discussed.


Dr. Joyanta Kumar Roy graduated from the Department of Physics from University of Calcutta, India and received Master of Science degree in Physics in 1977. He started his carrier as entrepreneur in the year 1984 founded a small manufacturing enterprise named System Advance Technologies Pvt. Ltd., dealing turnkey execution of SCADA, Automation and industrial instrumentation system. Now he is associated with his company as founder chairman and technical advisor. In 2004 he obtained PhD (Technology) degree in Applied Physics from University of Calcutta, India and executed number of projects, related to control, automation and instrumentation in several engineering sectors. After long association with industry he started his academic carrier from 2005. He worked with many Educational Institutes as Principal and Dean. Presently He is associated with MCKV Institute of Engineering as Dean (Research and Consultancy). Beside this portfolio, he is also working now as Departmental Head of Electronic and Communication Engineering.
He is Technical speaker and active researcher in inter-disciplinary field of Science and Technology. He received several awards and published one book on low cost sensing system. He published many research articles in international & national journals and organized many conferences in national and international level. He is senior member IEEE, EC member IET, Fellow of IWWWA and Fellow of IETE. Presently he is working as Associate Editor of S2IS and regular reviewer research articles. His present research interest includes development of smart measurement and control system for water production and distribution, multifunction sensor, ICT based m health, Technology Assisted Living, smart home and city.