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Special Session on Sensors and Instrumentation for Environment Monitoring
Organizers: IEEE IMS Technical Committee 18 Environmental Measurements

The proposed special session seeks submission of technical research articles addressing topical issues, underpinning better sensors and instrumentation for monitoring environment. Key examples include temperature (e.g. water, atmospheric), gas concentration (CO2, NO2, NO SO2, etc) and water quality. Sensors and instrumentation is core to today's Engineering curricula, being strongly cross-disciplinary and an ideal subject for today's environmentally-aware research community.

The research, developments and applications in the following fields of environmental measurements are welcomed:

  • analytical methods, sensors and instruments for monitoring of air, water and soil quality in residential, industrial, as well as, in agricultural areas,
  • instrumental methods for the measurement of environmental noise and vibration pollution;
  • sensing technology and associated instrumentation and measurements for the monitoring of the environmental conditions,
  • environment condition modeling,
  • robust instrumentation design for environment harsh conditions,
  • calibration methods for environment instrumentation,
  • remote sensing methods for measuring environmental pollution and climate change,
  • quality assurance and quality control of environmental measurements.